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What Will Your Guests Remember About Your Big Day?

What Will Your Guests Remember About Your Big Day?

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What Will Your Guests Remember About Your Big Day?

If you have ever been a wedding guest, it’s likely that you remember different things about the wedding than the person who sat next to you during the ceremony. There is probably a fair chance that you still remember the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses at the wedding you went to last summer, but I bet you will never forget the wedding three years ago that had the dinner rolls that were so incredibly hard that nothing could pierce them. (No one else will forget that either by the way, and neither will their dentists!)

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Two of the most important things that wedding guests will remember years down the road are how beautiful you looked and how good the food was. When you meet with a caterer, view your initial meeting with them as an interview — after all, they are going to be working for you on your wedding day. Go into the meeting with a good idea of what kinds of foods you want to serve, how you want to serve them (buffet style or plated), how many guests you are expecting and how much you can afford.

If at any time you just don’t feel like the caterer is on the same page as you and doesn’t understand the vision you have for your wedding, walk away. If you want beef wellington and the caterer doesn’t know what beef wellington is, run — even if they came highly recommended by people you know. Just like there is the perfect dress and perfect shoes for you, there is also the perfect caterer. Don’t settle.

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Remember: You don’t want to be the dry dinner roll wedding.

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