Outdoor Weddings

How to Successfully Plan Outdoor Weddings

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Outdoor weddings can be beautiful occasions to celebrate love, but they can also be unpredictable. Exposing yourself to the elements can come with some unexpected surprises. Fortunately, this advice will help you see some of these catastrophes coming and to plan ahead properly in order to avoid them. We’ll look at the two most common weddings, beaches and wineries.

How to Successfully Plan Outdoor Weddings

Everyone thinks beaches will be romantic, quiet and dreamy settings where they can seal their love for each other. The good news is, that commonality persists because it’s true. That said, you’ll also need to look carefully at a few potential challenges:

  • Secure everything: the same breeze that makes your wedding so cool and perfect will also quickly whisk away floral arrangements and table settings. It may also wreak havoc on the hair of you and your bridesmaids.
  • Expect a bill: expect a sizeable bill for nearly any beach location. You’ll be charged for every little thing they can possibly invoice you for, so consider keeping beach weddings small.
  • Weather: coastal areas tend to be cooler than inland areas, especially near valleys and major cities. Hurricane season may also be an issue at certain stages.

How to Successfully Plan Outdoor Weddings

Wineries are some of the most scenic locales available for wedding days, and many states around the US have them. Book in advance, and everything is pretty smooth. Except, of course, for these challenges:

  • Heat: vineyards get hot and dry during the summer, which is when most people want to get married. Find some time off those peak heat seasons for best results.
  • Availability: it turns out that not every winery allows for weddings, so don’t get hooked on one particular location if you can avoid it. Be prepared to seek out more than one location in case the one you want doesn’t work out.