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Romantic Ideas You Should Probably Skip for Your Wedding

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We’ve all seen those romantic movies with overblown gestures. What would those look like in real life? These are some ideas couples have tried that sound really great, until you’re stuck doing them.

Improv Vows

It sounds cute to think you and your fiancé will come up with fantastic and meaningful vows on the spot. In reality, you’ll both stumble your way nervously through trying to put your love into words. It will actually be pretty cute for about a minute, but a better idea is to work on your vows ahead of time. One way to come up with great vows you write from the heart is to have a theme before you start. Start from the same place, here are a few ideas:

  • What our love inspires in me
  • What I’m most hopeful for in our future
  • How I plan to keep faithful to you, and what I hope for our love

The First Look

Ok, this one’s controversial. It’s a cute idea to surprise your fiancé, but what if it doesn’t have the feeling you’d expect? Also, it’s got to be a total surprise to really work, but what if your partner feels traditionally about this concept?

At the least, a first look is difficult to coordinate. At the worst, it could be an awkward start to what is supposed to be your first day married.

DIY the Wedding You See on Pinterest

Let’s be realistic: everything you see on Pinterest comes from someone who has a limitless budget and a slew of people ready to rock and roll their way through months of wedding planning. Do you have an army at your disposal? Our suggestion is to choose some of those DIY ideas, incorporate them into your theme and stick to a manageable planning process.

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