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Indispensible Wedding Hacks, Planning, and the Cake

Indispensible Wedding Hacks, Planning and the Cake

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Indispensible Wedding Hacks, Planning, and the Cake

These wedding hacks are designed for any bride, and they will help you plan everything from your big day to the honeymoon. Read on for advice, and wedding hacks you can’t live without.

Wedding-Specific Email Address

You’re going to sign up for a lot of lists, blogs and special contests that you won’t have as much interest in after your wedding. You’ll also accumulate a bunch of special emails and words of encouragement from friends and family. It’s nice to have all that stuff preserved in an email address that’s separate from your own.

Plus, you can use that address as a shared email address to help pay for bills once the knot is tied.

Credit Card Points

Who said all that spending was a bad thing? If you put it on the right credit cards, you can accumulate all sorts of points to cover everything from airfare to hotel costs. With cashback cards, you can take the cash rewards and spend them on whatever you want. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll accumulate within a year.

Cake Tricks

Want the multi-tiered cake without the price tag? Those can be expensive, but you can order a smaller one or two tier cake for display purposes and serve guests from a sheet cake in the back. They’ll never know the difference, and you get the presentation you’re looking for.

Bonus Tip

Number your RSVP cards, and coordinate that system with your guest list. This way, when a guest sends back an illegibly written card you won’t have to guess!

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