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How to Make Sure Your Guest List Has All the Right People

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Everyone who has ever gotten married has experienced some level of frustration with their guest list, and you will probably experience your own challenges as well. If you want to avoid the inevitable “why wasn’t I invited” talk, then this advice should help you.

Prioritize Certain People

Start your guest list with priority people first, so you don’t exclude the most important people. Each of you should name some family members who must be there, and then you can work your way down from there. The reason you start with family is that it’s easier to tell a friend you excluded them to make room for family, then it is the other way around. Don’t worry, if you have to choose there’s a simple test for it below.

Exclude Children

Excluding children will allow you to bring more adult guests who will remember the wedding, and appreciate the gesture. Children aren’t usually excited to be at your wedding, but they can play important roles (cute flower girl, anyone?). It is adorable watching them shuffle down the aisle, but if you’re short for seats it’s best to leave them at home with a sitter.

Use the Dinner Test

The dinner test is a very simple test that asks whether you can imagine yourself having dinner with the guest you want to invite in the next year. If the answer is “yes”, then they should be invited. This is an easy-to-draw line in the sand that helps you acknowledge your friends without confusing them for important guests.

Remember, you always have the option to throw a pre-wedding party for those who won’t be invited to the big event.