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Staying Organized: Your Guide to Avoiding the Bridezilla Traps

Staying Organized: Your Guide to Avoiding the Bridezilla Traps

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Staying Organized: Your Guide to Avoiding the Bridezilla Traps

Not every bride will become a Bridezilla, even under stress, but there are steps we can all take to reduce the stress of planning a wedding day.

Planning and stress go hand in hand, so this article is about helping you to manage these symptoms that could drive anyone crazy.

No Wedding is Perfect

You’ll hear a lot of wedding advertising discuss the “perfect” wedding. Perfect is a marketing term. It’s idealizing your special day, which is ok, but you should also understand it doesn’t mean what it literally means. Your planning will pay off, but there will be some small hitches. How many of us have attended a wedding where the young flower girl doesn’t want to walk down the aisle? Does anyone even notice?

Try and consider this as you plan and you’ll already reduce your stress significantly.

Prepare Financially

Another source of stress is financial. Early on in the planning phase, figure out an ideal budget for your wedding that is attainable, then start asking parents what they can contribute. This is something they expect to do, and are often happy to help with. They may not cover all costs, though, so be prepared with a high interest savings account and a savings plan to make up the difference.

Finalize Early

You won’t be able to finalize everything immediately, but finalize what you can when you can. This way, if something catastrophic happens with a vendor, you have plenty of time to devise a plan B. Also, get the RSVPs out as early as possible so you can verify your guest list. Have a deadline and hold firm on it so you can place your orders for catering.

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