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Financial Tips Before Wedding Planning

Financial Tips Before Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Financial Tips Before Wedding Planning

Weddings can be expensive, and while parents do often help with those expenses you may be left on the hook for some of the balance.

Even with help, it’s still important to save for the life ahead, or for any extra expenses along the way (such as a travel budget for the honeymoon). Here are some finance tips to help ease the stress of your wedding planning efforts.

Before We Begin

Marriage is a commitment, and money problems strain that bond. No matter the budget of your wedding, it’s so crucial that you budget appropriately for your wedding so you can start your marriage off on the right foot.


Get a high interest savings account now, and start adding to it as soon as possible. Even single women and men can start this process. It’s an emergency fund, your travel fund, extra money for the wedding. Having this account is the basic underline for the rest of this advice.

Cut Costs

The fastest way to cut costs? Cut guests! Buffets are also another way to reduce costs for a wedding in favor of saving money for something else. The important thing to remember with food is that sometimes you’re at the mercy of the venue. Those kinds of deals are always worth careful consideration before you make a snap decision.


Some costs are unavoidable, so don’t be shy about asking for higher priced items from your registry. Your friends and family will chip in because they love the bond you’re creating, and want to help you get off to a great start. It’s a mutual giving, and some couples might even tell you they managed to recoup the costs of their wedding in gifts and donations for the honeymoon.

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