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Bridal Pedicure – Beauty Tips To Nail Your Wedding Day

Bridal Pedicure


Bridal Pedicure – Beauty Tips To Nail Your Wedding Day

Healthy, beautiful and well-groomed feet are one of the most important components for any bride. These bridal beauty tips will help you totally nail your wedding day manicure and pedicure.

The Polished Look  

All eyes will be on your feet, especially if you wearing open toed shoes. Not to forget, your beau’s eyes will be on your tootsies! Healthy, beautiful and well-groomed feet is one of the most important components for any bride. Whether you opt for subtle soft pink or bold and glittery nail polish, read these bridal beauty tips to help you totally nail your wedding day manicure and pedicure.

With a plethora of options to choose from the brides are sure spoilt for choice! If you are willing to let tiny fish munch on your toes, then these tantalizing pedicures should make it to your lust-list. Imagine mango, wax, chocolate, and ice-cream for your feet!) From exotic therapies to aromatic massages and tropical fruit treatments, read vanilla scrubs, grape seeds, papaya, lemon and wine wraps here are the best ways to uplift the senses and keep your tootsies in tip-top condition.  Needless to add, these are classics that work all year long; never fail to make your hands or feet stand out and add a lot of personality to your wedding album.

Here’s how to get your legs and feet svelte, ready to dance the night away. Read on to find out the coolest wedding nails in town!

Popular Pedicures

Leonardo da Vinci had once described the human foot as ‘a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.’ Likewise the iconic Egyptian queen known for her penchant for extensive pampering rituals, the eponymous Cleopatra indulged in sinful soaks. Allow yourself to be lulled into deep relaxation while the therapist goes about stimulating your reflex points to revitalize you. Here are 3 pedicures we are crushing over this wedding season!

  • Candle Pedicure
    Unlike a waxing routine, this one is intensely relaxing. A candle wax scrub is applied, which acts as a great exfoliator. More candle melt in the form of a massage cream is used for deep hydration. The ideal way to light a candle than to curse your exhausted feet right?
  • Mango Pedicure
    What better way than to pamper your feet with natural mango pulp! A pedicure with mango fruit extract and shea butter goes beyond nourishment, exfoliation and smoothing your feet. It sure leaves your sole and soul radiant and glowing.
  • Chocolate Pedicure
    This is perhaps the making of a decadent treat and a sweet way to pamper your toes! The pedicure gets a brown sugar scrub followed by a delicious vanilla-and-hot chocolate massage. Chocolate is touted to effectively alleviate muscle pain. Girls, just go ahead and indulge in this calorie-free treat that will leave you smelling like dessert.

Expert Talk

Bridal Pedicure Garra Rufa

Beauty expert Pooja Goel gives us a range of exotic and fun options to watch out for. She says, “Pampering feet with a relaxing pedicure has become popular. With this popularity and demand, there are different types of pedicures that you can treat your feet to. Pedicures are a great way to relax your feet, while also giving them a clean and beautiful look. With time, this beauty procedure has gained popularity, leading to the emergence of different types of pedicures. Right from the regular pedicures that pamper your feet to fish pedicures that give them a rejuvenated feeling, they now come in variations and with beauty benefits for all. It’s mandatory for a bride to look pretty. Don’t forget to get a manicure and pedicure done to remove the dead skin from your hands and feet.  Besides, it also does wonders to your skin and aids blood circulation. Let’s talk about some appealing therapies to keep your skin supple and soft.”
The varied types of pedicures in trend are as follows-

  • Regular Pedicures– A regular pedicure is a traditional procedure of foot grooming. It includes a warm soak in water followed by scrubbing, exfoliation, clipping of the nails and cuticles, grooming and filing the nails, a good foot massage, and polishing of the nails.
  • French Pedicure– A French pedicure is the most popular type preferred by women. It begins with the same process, which is done in a regular or basic pedicure. The feet are first soaked, scrubbed, exfoliated, and cleaned. Nails and cuticles are trimmed followed by a relaxing massage. The nail polish that is coated is what makes it a French pedicure. A nude or light pink coat of base coat is applied on the nails. The tips of the nails are colored in pure white polish. The end result is chic, elegant, and sophisticated-looking nails and beautiful feet!
  • Hot Stone Pedicure– Hot Stone Pedicures give your feet a relaxing massage. The feet are massaged with essential oils, which soothes the nerves, leaving your feet fresh. Hot stones are then placed on the feet, especially on the pressure points of the feet, or a massage is given to the feet with hot stones. This massage is much deeper, which also helps in relieving pain and cramps. The heat helps the skin absorb oils, giving your feet much-needed moisture. After the hot stone massage, a warm towel is wrapped around the feet to improve blood circulation.
  • Paraffin Pedicure– This type of pedicure gives excellent results for dry and cracked feet. In paraffin pedicure, a regular pedicure procedure is followed at first. Before applying nail polish, the feet are dipped in a container of paraffin wax. This is an alkaline waxy substance that has excellent hydrating properties. The feet may also be wrapped in paraffin. The result is soft, beautiful-looking feet!
  • Spa Pedicure– Spa pedicures are also becoming very popular. This option will pamper your feet like no other. The skin on the feet is exfoliated, which removes dirt and dead skin. Cuticles and nails are trimmed, followed by a relaxing massage. Well, this may sound like a regular pedicure, but the difference lies in the procedures and time taken. A spa pedicure lasts for a longer time. The exfoliation is done with aromatic scrub followed by a hydrating mask and hot towel wrap. Some salons also include paraffin wax or jelly dips in spa pedicures. Different salons may have different options for treatments. But in the end, we could say that a spa pedicure is a luxurious treat for your legs!
  • Fish Pedicure– In this type of pedicure, feet are dipped in a water tank containing fish, called doctor fish or Garra Rufa. These fish nibble the dead skin from your feet. They do not have teeth; hence, they simply suck on the dead skin. After this, a regular pedicure procedure is followed. The end result is very soft and clean feet. This type of pedicure is very popular across the globe.
  • Wine Pedicure– Wine is known for its many skin benefits. So, a pedicure with wine is an excellent way to pamper your feet. The procedure is the same like a regular one. The ingredients used are wine for soaking feet. A grape seed scrub and grape seed oil are used for exfoliation and massaging purposes. The feet are then wrapped in a mask made of grape.
  • Ice Cream Pedicure– Ice cream pedicure follows a regular foot pedicure procedure. But, here again, the difference lies in the ingredients used. In this pedicure, feet are soaked in a bath ball, which resembles the look of an ice cream scoop. After a good soak, the feet are then exfoliated with scrubs made of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Once they are clean, a whipped moisturizing lotion is used for massaging the feet. The finishing coat is a nail paint.

Cheers to good looking feet!

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